Privacy policy

The owner of this website („Website”) is jest Alfaco Polska  Sp. z o.o. („Company”), having its principal place of business at Krakowska 141-155 street, Wrocław (50-428), Poland.

All rights related to this Website, including its text and figurative elements, page layout and other elements of the Website, are reserved, unless it was clearly indicated otherwise. Usage of the Website and its content does not mean acquisition of any intangible property rights for works or database it includes. The user can make use of these works and database only within the scope of fair use introduced by The Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act of the 4th of February 1994  (Dz. U. Nr 24, poz. 83 z późn. zm.), The Database Protection Act of the 27th of July 2001 (Dz. U. Nr 128 poz. 1402), and The Suppression of Unfair Competition Act of the 16th od April 1993 (Dz.U.93.47.211 z późn. zm.). Apart from cases specified by the abovementioned Acts, copying made for commercial purposes, modifying, electronic or any other type of data transmission of any part of the Website and without prior written consent of the Company, is forbidden.



Privacy policy statement

When you ask questions or comment by using the Website, subscribe to a newsletter, or request documents or information about the Company, you may be asked to provide your personal information such as name and surname, e-mail address, postal address or telephone number anytime you are in contact with the Company. This personal information is stored and processed within the scope of authorization given by the user and introduced by the Polish law, The Personal Data Protection Act of 29th of August 1997 (Dz. U. Nr 133, poz. 883 z późn. zm.) in particular. The personal data we collect is treated as a separate database and stored on the Website server in a special safety area with restricted access. The Company does not transmit, sell or provide access to collected personal data to any person or institution, unless it was with the consent or upon request of the user, or unless it was required by the national law.

For the purpose of tracking statistics and to facilitate usage of the Website, the Company uses “cookies”, which are small data text files stored by the browser on user’s computer and can be resend to the server each time the user visits the Website. The user can disable “cookies” option at any moment and this will not cause complications in using the Website.

Please note that the Company is not responsible or liable for the privacy policy of any other third-party websites, accessed through the Website and linking to the Website.